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Major Issues In Early Years Education 2021

Early years education is a highly important stage of life for the development of a child and their readiness for the further education to follow on in secondary school. Undoubtedly, it is for this reason that early years education has attracted the attention of educationalists all over the globe. It is in this regard that an important question has arisen concerning the relationship between economic growth and early years education.

It is commonly accepted that our education system is broken.  funding pressures, poor teaching methods and an absence of commitment to high standards are just some issues. There has been a dire need for reform within the education sector since the early years of this century. The Keating Review into Early Years Education in 2011 highlighted the huge gaps in access and quality experienced by young people today Рthe very people who will need the most support in the future. It recommended a number of policy changes aimed at addressing these issues.

It is important to put education into the context of a career. It is very tempting to go into early childhood education thinking that it will just continue as a hobby. However, there are some serious issues that need to be addressed. It will be very difficult to change curricula or reduce class sizes without proper resources. And more girls than boys are going into early childhood education.

STEM in Early Childhood

I have long been an advocate for technology in early education, believing that our children as the citizens of the future should be encouraged to use technology in different aspects of their lives.

Since the early days of new wave education, there has been a continual rise in the use of technology to help young children learn.

Children encounter numerous situations involving groups, peers, and one to one interaction during a day, but, for the most part, they haven’t gained experience or demonstrated competencies in these interactions.

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