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How To gain Work Experience In Facilities Management

Are you looking to gain work experience in a facilities management role? In this post we will highlight how to gain work experience in facilities management.

Gaining work experience has never been tougher to do. We’ve reached a point in the realm of employment opportunities where employers can ask for extensive work experience while only offering an entry level position in return.

Entry level positions used to be where employees gained work experience to then move up through the ranks of their respective industry. Now you need work experience to gain work experience, which makes no sense.

This has led to more and more people being forced into unpaid internships or working part time alongside a full-time job away from their preferred career path.

It’s not easy out there for those starting out.

he point of work experience is to put into practice the things that you have learned, or are learning on a course or programme. You are reinforcing the ideas you were instilled with from your college course. An introductory course should teach you about that sector and help you gain the skill set required to gain experience in that sector.

Introductory courses that require work experience are creating a closed loop. Those who have the experience don’t need the course and those who need the course don’t have the experience to apply for it.

You can break into the sector with confidence as well as an internationally recognized qualification.

IWFM 3 is a six-month course and these are the modules that you will study:

  • Introduction to Facilities Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability in Facilities Management
  • Customer and Stakeholder Relations in FM Operations
  • Specification and Procurement of Facilities Supplies and Services
  • Health & Safety Responsibilities in FM
  • Budget Management of FM Operations

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